Course curriculum

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    • Detect: How Do We Use Short Term Planning in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

  3. 03
    • How Does Short Term Planning Make Us Better At Completing Quests in Dreamlight Valley?

  4. 04
    • How To Connect Your Planning Skills to Real World Tasks!

    • End of Class Challenge!

Detect, Reflect, Connect

Use Planning in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

This class will help you use your planning skills to complete the different quests that you encounter in the game Disney Dreamlight Valley.


What you will need for this class:

  • A copy of the game Disney Dreamlight Valley on the console of your choice.

  • Headphones (optional)

  • An internet connection

At a Glance

What you need to know before getting started

  • Beginner Level

    Beginner Level, Recommended for Ages 8+

  • Planning

    Learn how executive functioning skills can help improve your gameplay skills as well as how to use them in real-life.

  • Brain Bucks

    Complete this course to earn brain bucks that you can spend in our online store.

Why will your child love this course?

Your child will learn these executive functioning skills while playing their favorite video games. Interactive activities help your child take what they have learned in gameplay and bring it into relevant real-world scenarios.

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  • How will LW4K classes help my child?

    LW4K classes will allow your child to define and practice executive functioning skills in their favorite video games. They will then learn how these skills are used in the real world so that they can transfer what they have learned in-game into their own lives.

  • Where can I learn more about executive functioning skills?

    LearningWorks for Kids has been at the forefront of research on play-based learning and executive functioning skills. To learn more, please visit

  • What can I do to support my child during this class?

    We encourage all parents to get involved and ask your child questions about their gameplay. For more ideas on family activities and resources, please visit