Choose Your Way To Play: Explore Our Course Options

  • Mini Course Challenges

    Mini Course Challenges are free courses that help kids think more about how they are using executive function skills in their gameplay. They present a fun challenge that serves as an introduction to the LW4K method of “Detect, Reflect, and Connect. Typically, they require 20-30 minutes to complete and are less challenging than our full courses.

  • Full Courses

    Full courses focus on one or two specific Executive Functioning skills and use the Detect, Reflect, Connect method to help the student make the most out of their gameplay and to use these skills in the real world. These courses are more in-depth than the mini course challenges and traditionally take about an hour to complete.

  • Bundles and Memberships

    Bundles and Memberships are a great way to save if you are planning on purchasing multiple courses. Bundles contain all classes for a specific game or skill and Memberships allow you access to all LW4K self-guided courses as well as our extensive resource library!